Anchor Swasthya Abhiyan

Project Name : Anchor Swasthya Abhiyan - Community Health and Sanitation Project

Area covered : 12 Villages in Haridwar.

Overview: Total villages covered

The company aimed to provide primary healthcare services to 12 villages (Roshnabad, Rawli Mehdood, Aurangabad, Jamalpur Kala, Gujjar basti, visthapit Basti, Shivgarh, Govindgarh, Durgagarh, Phoolgarh, Kamlanagar, Purshottamnagar) and it resulted in enabling access of these to healthcare using a mobile clinic operated by 3 doctors, 1 pharmacist, 1 driver and 1 support staff member.


More than 6000 families now have access to door step healthcare, more than 11034 patients have been treated in just one financial year out of which more than 6400 were wimen patients.


Purshottam Nagar
Rawli Mehdood
Visthapit Basti