•  COS Enklozr DP

    COS Enklozr DP


Code Description
98081enk 25A DP UNO Changeover Switch with enklozr
98083enk 40A DP UNO Changeover Switch with enklozr
98084enk 63A DP UNO Changeover Switch with enklozr
  • Specifications

UNO Cos enklozr is a dedicated compact modular changeover switch box with sleek indications of the power supply, designed to serve the purpose of change of power supply on the availability of two power sources. 


  • Alluring & Distinct Aesthetics 
  • Sleek power Supply Indications 
  • Compact & Light Weight 
  • Flush/ Surface type Mounting 
  • IP30 Protection 

Technical Specification:

Design Registration Certificate Regd. Design No. 287527
Reference Standard IS/IEC 60947-3
No. of Poles DP & FP
Current Rating(In) 25A, 40A & 63A
Rated Voltage(Ue) 240V/415V~ for Both DP and FP
Utilization category AC22A
Frame Single Frame for complete range
Mechanism Double break contact mechanism
Positions 3 positions with centre OFF (I-O-II)
Terminal Capacity 35 sq.mm

Two stage visual indication for both I and II  

LED indications

Protection IP30
Mounting  Surface / Flush mounted
Weight(kg) 0.85(DP) & 0.95(FP)


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