Anchor achieves an important milestone as an electrical solutions provider in 2013, fifty years since its foundation in 1963. This is a monumental year for the company. Founder of the Panasonic Corporation, Mr. Konosuke Matsushita’s ideology empowers a person before developing products that in turn assists transformation. He firmly believed that we exist for the society and we are in the business for Society. His ideologies of “The Corporate Culture” and “Developing people before making Products,” are the cornerstones that drive Panasonic’s business throughout the globe. Our mission, values, ethics, expectations, goals and our management style make us a unique corporate identity.

Today, the industry thrives on continuous improvement in technologies and innovative business plans customized to meet the ever-changing market requirements. This is achieved only through continuous value addition, honing employee talent along with steering the business and its employees to adapt to the market needs.

The "Careers" section in this website will be your comprehensive guide in helping you to gain a better understanding of who and what we are and assist you in making a career decision for an interesting and rewarding journey of personal discovery with Anchor by Panasonic.