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Symphony Lighting

Panasonic's expertise and nearly a century of leadership in lighting up the world with its unique lighting solutions has been carefully explored with its carefully carved light planning activity based on Perceived Brightness and Perceived Comfort, creating a more efficient and enjoyable lighting arrangement for the living spaces.

Nearly ten decades of research has enabled Panasonic to harmonize lifestyles across the globe with its Triple A approach. According to this Panasonic Lighting Research & Development Teams initially study the psychological and physiological effects of light. Then the design team creates lighting plans to make a home come to life and lastly the engineers develop products that technologies that explore the lighting arena further

The lighting plans will be showcased and one can actually become familiar with the same at Panasonic Lighting Experience Center that has the Touch, Feel Seeā€¦ simulation for these state-of-the art products.

Going beyond the traditional Lux that measures brightness of light that hits a surface, such as a floor or wall; Panasonic devised its first original numerical quantification of the brightness in a room that is also utilizable in lighting design called 'FEU'.

The Panasonic-developed Feu is a quantitative measuring system that rates brightness as it is perceived, with light throughout the room viewed as a whole. In other words, this system analyzes light similar to the way the human eye does.

By combining the traditional Lux level with the Feu level, Panasonic has been able to accurately measure light anywhere in a room and develop lighting plans that feel more comfortable to room occupants. Symphony Lighting highlights these customized plans.

Symphony Lighting thus works on the basic principle of customizing lighting to the task in hand. Be it a living room, dining, home-theater viewing, creating a light suitable for study; these customized and precisely crafted lighting plans aim in creating a harmonious lighting environment for the residential spaces across the globe.