Panasonic Vision

Panasonic aims to be the No.1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry in 2018, the 100th anniversary of our founding.

It will make the ‘environment’ central to all of our business activities and take the lead in promoting the ‘Green Revolution’ which is taking place around the world for the next generation. Specifically, it will work to realize its vision with these two ‘innovations.’

Green Life Innovation

We will offer better living, which provides people around the world with a sense of security, comfort and joy in a sustainable way.

For example,

We will realize this green life by creating innovative businesses, products and services one after the other, and offer them throughout the community.

Green Business Innovation

There is the concept that the ideal goal of a manufacturer is to realize ‘Zero cost, Zero time, and Zero inventory.’ Zero represents the ideal, and our aim is to get as close to this ideal as we possibly can. We will add ‘zero emissions,’ in other words, zero emissions of CO2 and other wastes are to be considered equal in importance to the other ‘zeroes.’

For example,