The Uno Mini Miniature Circuit Breaker (Mini MCB) is a brand new miniature switchgear range engineered by the finest brains of India and Japan. It is one of the most compact circuit breakers available in the world, incorporating all the safety features of a traditional MCB. Powered by the Panasonic technology, it redefines the concept of protection. Sophisticated fire retardant engineering plastic makes these circuit breakers one of the best security devices for your cherished appliances.

Ensuring operational safety of precious appliances is the foremost objective of Uno Mini- MCB range. It thus offers undeterred protection from overload and short-circuit, securing the precious appliances by   increasing their operational longevity.


This compact, reliable and economical range of MINI MCB is available with two unique mounting choices.

Mini-Modular MCB

Mini-modular MCBs can be snapped fit on modular plates and incorporate the latest developments in the manufacturing technology as well as the   circuit protection, for discriminating applications.

Mini-Non Modular MCB

The other range offers the screw-mounting feature especially used in domestic & commercial distribution systems, at the most downstream circuit (switchboards/Decorative Electrical Switch Boards) and offers even higher degree of protection for discriminating applications.

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