Work Culture

Anchor Corporate Values express our corporate culture in a concise manner. We expect all our employees to understand the vision & mission of the organization and adhere to these values. Robust implementation of Panasonic’s ideologies for quality, value and innovation will be the cornerstones fostering your growth at Anchor.

Ultimate Exposure

Anchor exposes you to varied functionalities of the electrical industry such as Production, Research & Development, Quality, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Project Marketing, Administration, Finance and Strategic Planning.

Ultimate Opportunity

Anchor is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and adheres stringently to the Panasonic Code of Conduct for governing its business and employees. We provide an opportunity for the talent across the organization to move vertically as well as horizontally fostering an entrepreneurial spirit within the organization, inspiring all Anchorites.

Ultimate Service

Anchor constantly makes a conscious attempt to enriching lives of the people we deals with our customers, stock-holders, employees, partners etc. in line with Panasonic principles and endeavors to meet the organizational goals offering our vast workforce a chance of capitalizing our true potential. Our corporate policies & procedures aid our staff in creating a subtle balance between personal and professional growth, enhancing the organizational performance.

Sourcing talent nationally and appraising the best enabling them to make a path-breaking career with Anchor is at the heart of Anchor HR. In addition, HR also supports various divisions in terms of sourcing proficient talent through interviews.