Yogesh Verma
Anchor has great & open working environment we have highly creative, innovative and enthusiastic team. It provides with various avenues to grow and learn. We can interact and learn from senior leaders across group which enables us to build our teams. It also provides with a challenges which tests our skills. I am very glad to receive support from my seniors, colleagues which keeps me highly engaged with AEPL.

I feel proud to be associated with AEPL.

Mr. Rejith Nair
Assistant Manager
Kaizen Rejith A B
I am Associated with AEPL from 2-5-2012 It has been honor for me that I got anopportunity to work with AEPL. Its a great experience, even I started working with AEPL few months before. In Anchor we work as a team towards customer requirements. Also we are doing Kai zen activities to smooth-en the process and dispatch, to meet the customer requirements.
Welcoming a challenge and solving it out with team work, effective communication approach make the job more interesting.

Sharad Khandekar
Sr. Manager
Wiring Devices
I have been hearing of Brand Anchor since my childhood & its recent association with Panasonic made it extremely attractive. I remember my first day in AEPL which was incidentally only a month back and the moment i stepped in Unit-5 it was a totally new experience. I was impressed with the state of art manufacturing set up and actually knew what GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practices ) means. I new i was in the right place now. People are considered assets here and i could feel air of Discipline and commitment to ones job all across. Management is keen on continual improvement and shows a great caring culture.
I am proud to be a member of "Anchor Vision" which is to be No 1 factory by 2018............

Jaswant Kumar
Assistant Manager
MCB Production
My Experience in AEPL is as follows.
  1. At the time of joining I received very good co-operation by the HR team. The joining was smooth.
  2. I found HR policies cultivates healthy working environment.
  3. Working in MCB is quite challenging as it is a new design product for me..
  4. The environment is quite adaptive for new learning's / good practices as we have harmonious relationship at workmen level as well.
  5. I am impressed with IT infrastructure at AEPL as it is up to date and provides with latest technology.

Parthiv Mehta
Sr. Manager
Internal Audit
Anchor as an Experience
It has been a wonderful experience in Anchor since the time I joined. Setting up an Audit department is quiet a tough job, however with the support of my Seniors and fellow colleagues across all departments it was made easy.

Knowledge sharing and learning has been good. I look forward to contribute to the organisation by applying the knowledge, experience and learning.

Deepti M.
Dear All,

Ever since I joined Anchor I always appreciated the working culture at AEPL but am also happy for working for a company whose Mission is to manufacture innovative, eco friendly and energy saving word class products. A company which values its ethics and social responsibility.

I am proud and honored to work and to be a part of Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd.