Learning and Development

The Human Resources Division of Anchor conducts several skill enhancement programs periodically. We have cultivated an environment involving a genuine intent to foster the long-term learning & development of our employees. We also reinforce the importance of conservation of natural and company resources through various initiatives.

The learning starts at Anchor right through the extensive induction program to short periodic programs as mentioned in the training calendar from time to time. The Induction Program covers skills training, business unit specific product training and work practices for the new recruits. Other training programmes focus on personal, leadership and skills development suited to the individual’s function. These not only emphasize on achieving organizational goals but also provide opportunities for on the job development.

Anchor’s extensive training programs thus empower our employees to cultivate a global level consumer & business awareness with an original thought process, enabling them to create path-breaking career with a glocal (global + local) perspective.

Development and Growth

We emphasize on creating potential leaders within our organization and the first opportunity is given to our existing workforce through internal job postings. We also create opportunities for performers through our extensive talent management process. We help you to determine and meet your development needs enabling you to build a career with us.

Performance and Development Planning.

Anchor has a well-defined performance review process. This Performance Management System (PMS) assists our employees in shaping their career with us. The performance of an employee is measured by individual contribution towards attaining the organizational goals. The employees are tested by their department heads and encouraged to identify their key strengths and their scope for further development during this process. It is also an opportunity for employees to express their opinions on record and the entire process is transparent.