Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has always been an integral part of Anchor’s vision and the cornerstone of our core value of good corporate citizenship.  Anchor defines Corporate Social Responsibility as making socially responsible products, engaging in socially responsible employee relations, and making a commitment to the community around it. At Anchor, Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a duty but is also a way of life.

Being a part of Panasonic Corporation’s Eco Solutions Group, Anchor has committed itself to the Green movement, unveiling new products that are energy efficient and made from environment friendly materials. Since 2008, it stopped its profitable production and sale of incandescent bulbs as a part of energy conservation drive proactively initiated by the company in-line with the Eco-ideas directive of Panasonic, Japan.

Anchor has fostered this idea further by making sure that its factories minimize the emission of carbon dioxide, and conserve natural resources such as water, power etc. The newly commissioned Daman Unit 5 factory is its first green factory and makes use of new methods such as recycling sewage water, solar panels for lighting the premises and modern machinery that reduces wastage of raw materials used for manufacturing the products.

Anchor CSR centers around the welfare of its factory workers, who come from the hinterlands of this nation. Anchor factories based out of four major locations of Daman, Kutch Haridwar and Roorkee employ around seven thousand workers of which many are women who come from remote villages. Our CSR activities revolve around their welfare such as conducting medical checkups, providing medical aid etc. Recently there was a unique literacy drive conducted in the factory at Daman encouraging overall employee empowerment.

Anchor also undertook an interesting initiative that provided professional certification to Electricians, associating with a leading technical institute in the country. They were awarded certificate upon completion of the program named ACE and it was a unique drive undertaken to empower the electricians.

Anchor employees in Haridwar participated in a Volunteer clean-up activity for the River Ganges. As part of the Preservation of the Natural Resources Programme, this activity was initiated before the Kumbh Mela festival.

Recently Anchor participated in unique social awareness Energy conservation and saving campaign in association with Chescom (Madurai). It distributed Cfls and calendars providing tips on energy conservation to school children of five districts.

Anchor periodically supports initiatives of various NGO’s, thus actively committing to overall social empowerment.