Notice to Jobseekers


We hire talented individuals with the right mind-set and capability and believe in creating leaders within the organization who can steer it to progress. Sourcing the right talent in line with the organization's requirements is an integral part of Anchor. The HR focus has broadened with the rapid expansion program undertaken by the company.

Total transparency in selection criteria, with the applicant assessed not only on the individual merits, but also on adaptability to thrive in the exigent market. The recruitment process is your starting point of exploration of Anchor.

Carve your Career!

We invite you to apply and if you fit in our culture, be assured that your journey will be just as fascinating and exciting as ours. We seek motivated individuals with global perspectives, industry domain experts and aspirants who share the same vision of enriching human life through innovative technology to join us. With practical strategies, sheer willpower for success and teamwork, we believe you can create a path-breaking career with Anchor and set new records for the organization.

We invite you to further explore the world of Anchor through this website and learn more about Panasonic's working environment. We hope that the topics covered will be useful and informative to you about building a career in Panasonic. We look forward to welcoming you to join our big family!