Research & Development

One of the most developed R&D centers in India supports our manufacturing units in Haridwar and Daman, which are responsible for the production of Wiring Devices. Our manufacturing unit in Daman, responsible for manufacturing and managing new moulds, is regarded as the most advanced unit in the country.

We boast of a private unit which is specially designed to manufacture power saving and eco-friendly Wires and Cables. We continuously strive to update our products with the newest technology and our up-gradation units target customer satisfaction and the constant betterment of the quality of our products. Our research centers offer effective products and solutions to suit the needs and tastes of a very diverse audience. We upgrade our products regularly, thus enhancing their features and adding value to every purchase. This makes us one of the most reliable manufacturing companies in our arena.

The Wires and Cables business vertical has developed a domestic 'Green Guard Cable', which is 'RoHS Compliant' as well as 'PVC Compound'. It has also developed an in-house 'Telephone Switch Board Cable' which attunes to zero cross and blots out all disturbances. With heavy investments in R&D, this business vertical makes sure that the products hold onto their position in terms of safety, performance and reliability and always stay a step ahead of others.

Advanced Panasonic Vision Switches and Panasonic Switchgear & Protection Range suit the RoHS acquiescence as agreed upon by European Standards. Panasonic LEDs abide by strict PCSS standards as this gives them a technological advantage. Items such as the 'Green Guard Cables' are designed to provide protection to individuals from dangerous effects caused due to Lead.

Anchor's research and development division revolves around catering to the needs of its vast consumer base and focuses intensely on developing products that make the environment a safer place.