Anchor's foundation dates back to about five decades when it had started as a small business venture. Anchor accomplished the challenging task of delivering nothing but the best to its end users at the most reasonable price. Anchor's acquisition by 'Panasonic', the world's most trusted brand, has made it more proficient with technological advancement and supremacy in the product design and development arena. This path-breaking evolution has done a lot more than just add a touch of advancement in the lives of people.

Anchor enjoys an extraordinary position in the eyes of youthful Indians. Over the course of time, Anchor's transformation in terms of innovation and efficiency has served generations as per their requirements by bringing in advancement in the products.

The collaboration of Panasonic's technical competence and global persona with Anchor's matchless excellence in Quality, Safety and Reliability has ensnared the minds of the next generation.

The world of electrical solutions today has evolved beyond recognition. The prominence of Anchor as India's only "Switches SuperBrand" testifies to the fact that it is still the most respected brand to be leading this business vertical. Anchor was the first one to introduce India to the piano-type switch in 1976, which still holds a special position in the industry. Needless to say, in all quarters of this nation, an electric switch simply means Anchor.