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Ave Domina Plus

Futuristic Automation for homes of today!

‘Independence’ is a state of our mind. At Anchor, we celebrate this spirit through a unique solution designed for your comfort, installation safety and operational security.

Introducing ‘Domina Plus’, the new age home automation solution from Ave Spa Italy.

Get inspired, to live life king-size! Switch on the happiness with innovative technology adorning every corner of your home.

‘Domina Plus’ is your true partner that ensures safe installation of all of the electrical accessories. Equipped with feather-touch interface, enhanced aesthetics and stylish designs for all of the accessories, it can be customized to meet all the automation needs of your dream home.

Imagine the power of slightest touch that can create an ambiance soothing your senses and transform the interiors of your home.

Imagine the room lights switching off automatically as you take an exit or control the lights in your kitchen, while you watch your favorite television soap in the living room.

Future comes with the promise of expanding the range to suit the changing lifestyle. Offering state-of-the-art controls through I-Pad, Smartphones & world-wide web, Domina Plus will be the true delight for your family

Take a trip into the world of Anchor with Domina Plus

Experience the world of tomorrow !

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